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  • User Interfaces
  • Concept Development
  • Identity Design
  • Prototypes
  • User Experience

Iā€™m a Dutch designer living in Amsterdam Valencia, currently running a design studio called Gusta together with Mar Albiol. I mostly design digital products, such as websites and apps.

Previously I was Design Lead at Label ALabel A — growing and guiding the design team for almost 5 years. Besides trying to keep a smile on my colleagues' faces, I helped establish the design direction with each project. I've worked with local and global businesses, from exciting startups to established organizations.

Label A

I like sneakers and fashion, (hip-hop) music, and design. With these interests in common, Pieter de Jong and I teamed up to start VersheidVersheid in 2010. It was an online lifestyle magazine that curated and collected what's going on in culture and lifestyle. For 8 years we provided daily inspiration for 25.000+ young, influential readers.


Usually, I work under Gusta as a design partner together with clients, or remotely as a freelance designer that's embedded in a team to create digital products. Let me know if you have a project or are interested in collaborating!